Parthenogenesis and the Condor

Parthenogenesis means birth without fertilization. In other words, a female gives birth to offspring without having been impregnated by a male. This phenomenon occurs normally in some plants and a number of invertebrates like nematodes, some scorpions and mites, aphids, some bees, and parasitic wasps. It also happens among all vertebrates except mammals – yes, …

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Lighter Migratory Birds

A recent study speculates that migratory birds have lighter colored feathers because they reduce the risk of overheating (Kaspar Delhey, James Dale, Mihai Valcu, and Bart Kempenaers. Migratory birds are lighter coloured. Current Biology, 2021). They say “We found across nearly all species of birds, migratory species tend to be lighter colored than non-migratory species. …

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