Author name: Dr. Roger Lederer

Ornithologist and emeritus Professor of Biological Sciences at California State University, Chico, whose academic and research interests are ecology, environmental science, science education and ornithology. Published over thirty scientific research papers, a textbook entitled Ecology and Field Biology, books entitled Amazing Birds, Birds of New England, Pacific Coast Bird Finder, Bird Finder, Birds of Bidwell Park, Latin for Birdwatchers, Beaks, Bones, and Bird Songs, and The Art of Birds . Dr. Lederer has taught ornithology and ecology, worked with environmental organizations and schools on research and education projects, has traveled to over 100 countries, given many public presentations, and knows exactly what birds you will find anywhere in the world.

Economic View of Birdwatching

There’s a recent (Oct 2023) article in the journal Ornithological Applications entitled “Historical racial redlining and contemporary patterns of income inequality negatively affect birds, their habitat, and people in Los Angeles, California.” It’s rather complex but the basic idea is that well-to-do or even moderate-income neighborhoods have a greater diversity of birds than do low-income …

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The Snakebird

I like to alternate my posts between scientific and philosophical musings with looks at some interesting birds. Today the bird is the Anhinga. The word “anhinga” is derived from the native Brazilian Tupi-Guarani language word “ana’ĩnĩa,” which translates to “devil bird”, “snake bird” or “evil spirit of the woods.” The Tupi people (one of the …

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