Extinct Birds

Many animals are being threatened with extinction as people take over natural habitats. At least 91 species of birds have gone extinct since 1681. It is estimated that, on average, a bird species comes into being via the evolutionary process and exists for a bout 125,000 years before going extinct. We only know a small fraction of extinct bird species, but we guess that over 160,000 species of birds have existed since they first evolved. That’s 15 times as many as today’s 11,000 birds.

From Birdlife: “Extinctions have probably been better documented for birds than any other group of animals. In total, 145 species of birds have been classified as extinct since 1500. This includes five species that have gone extinct in the wild, but that still have populations remaining in captivity. A number of other species currently categorised as Critically Endangered have probably gone extinct too, but cannot be designated as such until we are certain (Butchart et al. 2006). A total of 17 such species are categorised as Critically Endangered (Possibly Extinct) and one as Critically Endangered (Possibly Extinct in the Wild). Thus, a total of 163  species of birds may have been lost in the last 500 years.

Dodo from The Ivory Bill birds

Extinctions are continuing: 19 species of birds were lost in the last quarter of the 20th century, and three species are known or suspected to have gone extinct since 2000. The last known individual of Spix’s Macaw Cyanopsitta spixii (classified as Critically Endangered: Possibly Extinct in the Wild) disappeared in Brazil towards the end of 2000, the last two known individuals of Hawaiian Crow Corvus hawaiiensis (classified as Extinct in the Wild) disappeared in June 2002 and Po’ouliMelamprosops phaeosoma, also from the Hawaiian Islands, was listed as Critically Endangered (Possibly Extinct) after the last known individual died in captivity in November 2004.

Although most species of birds (>80%) live on continents … the majority of extinctions (88%) have been on islands. Often, these resulted from the introduction of invasive alien species such as cats, rats and goats, which either preyed upon the native species or degraded its habitat . However, continental species have been far from immune, and those going extinct often originally had extensive ranges. The wave of extinctions on islands may be slowing, perhaps because many of the potential introductions of alien species to predator-free islands have already occurred, driving the susceptible island species extinct, with conservation interventions successfully improving the status of some of the remainder. By contrast, the rate of extinctions of birds on continents appears to be increasing as a result of extensive and expanding habitat destruction (see figure). If we continue to degrade and destroy vast areas of natural habitats then it will be difficult to prevent a much larger and more devastating extinction wave from washing over the continents.”

Below is a list of endangered and known or suspected extinct species or subspecies of birds of the world; you may also wish to visit Wikipedia for more information on extinct birds.

Name      Latin name    Origin   Date Extinct  Species/Subsp Status

Arabian Ostrich  Struthio camelus cyriacus Middle East Sb Ext
Lesser Rhea Pterocnemia pennata tarapacensis Sb End
Tasmanian Emu Dromaius novaehollandiae diemenensis Tasmania (Is.) Sb Ext
Kangaroo Island Emu Dromaius novaehollandiae demenianus Kangaroo Is. Sb Ext
King Island Emu Dromaius novaehollandiae minor King Is. Sb Ext
Dwarf Emu Dromaius novaehollandiaediemenianus 1838 Tasmania (Is.) Sb Ext
Aepyornis Aepyornis maximus 1649 Madagascar Sp Ext
Slender Moa Dinornis torosus 1670 N.Z. Sp Ext
Dinornis maximus 1500 N.Z. Sp Ext
Dinornis robustus 1500 N.Z. Sp Ext
Dinornis gazella 1500 N.Z. Sp Ext
Pachyornis septentrionalis 1500 N.Z. Sp Ext
Pachyornis elephantopus 1500 N.Z. Sp Ext
Pachyornis mappini 1500 N.Z. Sp Ext
Emeus huttoni 1500 N.Z. Sp Ext
Euryapteryx geranoides 1500 N.Z. Sp Ext
Anomalopteryx parvus 1500 N.Z. Sp Ext
Anomalopteryx didiformes 1500 N.Z. Sp Ext
Anomalopteryx oweni 1500 N.Z. Sp Ext
Megalapteryx hectori 1500 N.Z. Sp Ext
Megalapteryx benhami 1500 N.Z. Sp Ext
Anomalopteryx antiquus 1500 Nz Is. Sp Ext
Pachyornis pygmaeus 1500 Nz Is. Sp Ext
Pachyornis oweni 1500 Nz Is. Sp Ext
Emeus crassus 1500 Nz Is. Sp Ext
Dinornis novae-zealandiae 1500 Nz Is. Sp Ext
Dinornis ingens 1500 Nz Is. Sp Ext
Dinornis giganteus 1500 Nz Is. Sp Ext
Greater Broad-Billed Moa Eurapteryx gravis 1640 N.Z. Sp Ext
Lesser Magalapteryx Megalapteryx didinus 1773 N.Z. South Is. Sp Ext
Pernambuco Solitary Tinamou Tinamus solitarius pernambucensis Sb End
Magdalena Tinamou crypturellus saltuarius 1943 Columbia Sp Prx
Columbian Grebe Podiceps andinus 1977 Columbia Sp Ext
Atitlan Grebe Podilymbus gigas 1980s Guatemala Sp Ext
Hooded Grebe Podiceps gallardoi sp End
Junin Grebe Podiceps taczanowskii sp End
Giant Pied-Billed Grebe Podilymbus gigas sp End
Madagascan Red-Necked Grebe Tachybaptus rufolavatus madagascar (Is.) sp End
Madagascar Little Grebe Tachybaptus pelzelni madagascar (Is.) sp End
Short-Tailed Albatross Diomedea albatrus <100 sp End
Black Petrel Procellaria parkinsoni sp End
Reunion Petrel Pterodroma aterrima <100 reunion sp End
Cook’s Petrel Pterodroma cookii cookii sp End
Galapagos Dark-Rumped Petrel Pterodroma phaeopygia phaeopygia Galapagos Is. Sb End
Hawaiian Dark-Rumped Petrel Pterodroma phaeopygia sandwichensis Hawaii (Is.) Sb End
Westland Black Petrel Procellaria westlandica nz is. sp End
Bird Of Providence Pterodroma solandri sp End
Macgillivray’s Petrel Pterodroma macgillivrayi 1855 Ngau Is. Fiji sp Prx
Heinroth’s Shearwater Puffinus heinrothi sp End
Jamaican Diablotin Pterodroma hasitata caribbea 1880 Jamaica (Is.) sb Ext
Reunion Petrel Pterodroma aterrima 1974 Reunion (Is.) sp Pox
Cahow Pterodroma cahow <100 Bermuda (Is.) sp End
Macgillivray’s Petrel Pterodroma macgillivrayi 1855 Fiji (Is.) Sp Prx
Beck’s Petrel Pterodroma rostrata becki 1928 Solomon Is. Sb Pox
Heinroth’s Shearwater Puffinus heinrothi 1934 New Britain Sp Pox
Guadalupe Storm Petrel Oceanodroma macrodactyla 1912 Guadalupe Is. Sp Ext
Dalmatian Pelican Pelecanus crispus se Europe Sp Rar
Abbott’s Booby Sula abbotti sp End
Spectacled Cormorant Phalacrocorax perspicillatus 1852 Bering Is. Sp Ext
Galapagos Flightless Cormorant Nannopterum harrisi Galapagos (Is.) Sp Rar
Christmas Frigatebird Fregata andrewsi Christmas Is. Sp Rar
Ascension Frigatebird Fregata aquila Ascension Is. Sp Rar
Bonin Nankeen Night Heron Nycticorax caledonicus crassirostris Bonin Is. Sb Ext
New Zealand Little Bittern Ixobrychus minutus novaezelandiae ? Nz Is. Sb Ext
New Guinea Tiger Heron Zonerodius heliosylus New Guinea (Is.) Sp Rar
African Tiger Heron Tigriornis leucolophus sp Rar
Fasciated Tiger-Bittern Tigrisoma fasciatum fasciatum 1912 Se Brazil Sb Pox
Rodrigues Night Heron Nycticorax megacephalus 1730 Rodriguez Is. Sp Ext
Japanese White Stork Ciconia ciconia boyciana sp End
Japanese Crested Ibis nipponia nippon 10 Sp End
Waldrapp Geronticus eremita 50 Med. Basin Sp End
Principe Olive Ibis Lampribis olivacea rothschildi ? Principe Is. Sb Ext
Pink-Headed Duck Rhodonessa caryophyllacea 1944 India Sp Ext
Coues Gadwall Anas strepera couesi ? Sb Ext
Crested Shelduck Tadorna cristata 1943 Korea Sp Ext
Marianas Mallard Anas oustaleti 1971 Marianas Is. Sb Ext
Madagascar Pochard Aythya innotata Madagascar (Is.) Sp End
Coues’ Gadwall Anas Strepera couesi 1874 Washington Is. Sb Ext
Rennel Island Grey Teal Anas gibberifrons remissa 1959 Rennel Is. Sb Ext
Niceforo Brown Pintail Anas georgica niceforoi 1952 Columbia Sb Prx
Marianas Mallard Anas oustaleti 1971 Marianas (Is.) Sp Prx
Labrador Duck Camptorhynchus labradorius 1875 N.W.Atlantic Sp Ext
Chatham Is. Swan Cygnus sumnerensis 1690 Chatham Is. Sp Ext
Auckland Is. Merganser mergus australis 1905 Auckland Is. Sp Ext
California Condor Gymnogyps californianus <100 California Sp End
Grenada Hook-Billed Kite Chondrohierax uncinatus mirus <100 Grenada (Is.) Sb End
Madagascar Fish Eagle Haliaeetus vociferoides <100 Madagascar (Is.) Sp End
Anjouan Island Sparrow Hawk Accipiter francesii pusillus <100 Anjou Is. Sb End
Spanish Imperial Eagle Aquila Heliaca adalberti Spain Sb End
Madagascar Serpent Eagle Eutriorchis astur <50 Madagascar (Is.) Sp End
Gundlach’s Hawk Accipiter gundlachi <100 Cuba Sp End
New Britain Grey-Headed Goshawk Accipiter princeps New Britain (Is.) Sp Prx
Monkey-Eating Eagle Pithecophaga jefferyi Philippines (Is.) Sp End
Seychelles Kestrel Falco araea Seychelles (Is.) Sp End
Mauritius Kestrel Falco punctatus <100 Mauritius (Is.) Sp End
Guadalupe Caracara Caracara lutosus 1900 Guadalupe Is. Sp Ext
Grenada Hook-Billed Kite Chondrohierax uncinatus mirus 1972 Grenada (Is.) Sb Pox
Painted Vulture Sarcohamphus sacra ? Sp Ext
Red-Billed Curassow Crax blumenbachii <100 Sp End
Eastern Razor-Billed Curassow Crax mitu mitu <100 Sb End
White-Winged Guan Penelope albipennis sp End
Cauca Guan Penelope perspicax <100 sp End
Black-Fronted Piping Guan Aburria jacutinga sp End
Trinidad Piping Guan Pipile pipile pipile <100 Trinidad (Is.) Sb End
Horned Guan Oreophasis derbianus mexico sp End
Heath Hen Tympanuchus cupido cupido ? Sb Ext
Cantabrian Capercaillie Tetrao urogallus cantabricus Sb End
New Zealand Quail Coturnix Novaezelandiae 1875 N.Z. Sp Ext
Himalayan Mountain Quail Ophyrsia superciliosa 1868 Himalayas Sp Ext
Masked Bobwhite Quail Colinus virginianus Ridgwayi Sb End
Gorgetted Wood-Quail Odontophorus strophium Sp
Italian Grey Partridge Perdix perdix italica Italy Sb
Cabot’s Tragopan Tragopan caboti Sp
Western Tragopan Tragopan Melanocephalus Sp
Chinese Monal Lophophorus Lhuysii Sp
Brown-Eared Pheasant Crossoptilon Mantchuricum Sp
Elliot’s Pheasant Syrmaticus Ellioti Sp
Cheer Pheasant Catreus Wallichii Sp
Mississippi Sandhill Crane Grus Canadensis Pulla <100 S.E.USA Sb End
Siberian White Crane Grus Leucogeranus Asia Sp End
Jamaican Wood Rail Aramides Concolor Concolor ? Jamaica (Is.) Sb Ext
Iwo Jima Rail Poliolimnas Cinereus Brevipes ? Iwo Jima Is. Sb Ext
Hawaiian Gallinule Gallinula Chloropus Sandvicensis Hawaii Is. Sb End
Dieffenbach’s Rail Rallus Dieffenbachii 1840 Chatham Is. Sp Ext
Chatham Islands Rail Rallus Modestus 1900 Chatham Is. Sp Ext
Wake Island Rail Rallus Wakensis 1945 Wake Is. Sp Ext
New Caledonian Wood Rail Tricholimnas Lafresnayanus 1904 New Caledonia (Is.) Sp Ext
Tahitian Red-Billed Rail Rallus Pacificus 1775 Tahiti Sp Ext
Ascension Island Rail Atlantisia Elpenor 1656 Ascension Is. Sp Ext
Kusaie Island Crake Porzana Monasa 1828 Kusaie Is. Sp Ext
Hawaiian Rail Pennula Sandwichensis 1893 Hawaii Is. Sp Ext
Leguat’s Gelinote Aphanapteryx Leguati 1730 Rodriguez Is. Sp Ext
Auckland Island Rail Rallus Pectoralis Muelleri <100 Auckland Is. Sb End
Light-Footed Clapper Rail Rallus Longirostris Levipes Sb End
Lord Howe Island Woodhen Gallirallus Sylvestris <100 Lord Howe Is. Sp End
Lafresnaye’s Rail Tricholimnas Lafresnayanus <100 Sp End
Samoan Wood Rail Gallinula Pacifica 1873 Samoa (Is.) Sp Ext
Assumption Island White-Throated Rail Canirallus Cuvieri Abbotti 1937 Assumption Is. Sb Ext
Jamaican Uniform Crake Eulabeornis Concolor Concolor 1899 Jamaica (Is.) Sb Ext
Macquarie Island Banded Rail Rallus Philippensis Macquariensis 1880 Macquarie Is. Sb Ext
Chatham Island Banded Rail Rallus Philippensis Dieffenbachii 1850 Chatham Is. Sb Ext
Iwo Jima White-Browed Crake Porzana Cinerea Brevipes 1925 Iwo Jima (Is.) Sb Ext
Tristan Island Cock Gallinula Nesiotis Nesiotis 1861 Tristan Da Cunha (Is.) Sb Ext
North Island Takahe Notornis Mantelli Mantelli 1500 Nz N.I. Is. Sb Ext
Horqueta Crake Laterallus Xenopterus 1933 Sp Prx
San Cristobel Gallinule Gallinula Silvestris 1929 Solomon Is. Sp Prx
Columbian Crake Porzana Columbiana Sp End
Dot-Winged Crake Porzana Spiloptera Sp End
Olivier’s Crake Porzana Olivieri Sp End
Platen’s Celebes Rail Rallus Plateni Celebes (Is.) Sp End
Water’s Crake Coturnicops Watersi Madagascar (Is.) Sp End
Darwin’s Rail Coturnicops Notata Sp End
Mueller’s Rail Rallus Pectoralis Muelleri 1966 Auckland Is. Sb Pox
Mauritius Red Hen Aphanapteryx Bonasia 1675 Mauritius Sp Ext
Lord Howe Swamphen Porhyrio Albus 1840 Lord Howe Is. Sp Ext
Laysan Rail Porzanula Palmeri 1944 Midway Is. Sp Ext
Zapata Rail Cyanolimnas Cerverai 1931 Cuba (Is.) Sp Pox
San Cristobel Mountain Rail Pareudiastes Sylvestris 1953 Solomon Is. Sp Pox
Mueller’s Rail Rallus Muelleri ? Sp Ext
Barred-winged Rail Nesoclopeus Poecilopterus 1890 Fiji (Is.) Sp Ext
Hawaiian Brown Rail Pennula Millsi 1864 Hawaii Is. Ext
Tristan Gallinule Gallinula Nesiotis ? Tristan Da Cunha (Is.) Sp Ext
Lord Howe Island Wood Hen Gallirallus Sylvestris <100 Lord Howe Is. Sp End
Little St. Helena Rail Porzana Astrictocarpus ? St. Helena Is. Sp Ext
Barred-Winged Rail Nesoclopeus Poeciloptera Sp Prx
White Gallinule Porphyrio Albus ? Sp Ext
Kagu Rhynochetos Nigriceps New Caledonia (Is.) Sp End
Great Indian Bustard Choriotis Nigriceps India Sp End
Javanese Lapwing Vanellus macropterus 1940 Indonesia Sp Ext
Eskimo Curlew Numenius Borealis Nearctic Sp Pox
Moorean Sandpiper Prosnobia Ellisi ? Sp Ext
Black Stilt Himantopus Novaezealandiae N.Z. South Is. Sp End
Canarian Black Oystercatcher Haemotopus Meadwaldoi ? Canary Is. Sp Ext
New Zealand Shore Plover Thinornis Novaeseelandiae Chatham Is. Sp End
Barrier Sub-Antarctic Snipe Coenocorypha Aucklandica Barrierensis 1870 Little Barrier Is. Sb Ext
Stewart Island Sub-Antarctic Snipe Coenocorypha Aucklandica Iredalei ? Stewart Is. Sp Ext
Cooper’s Sandpiper Pisobia Cooperi 1833 Sp Ext
White-Winged Sandpiper Prosobonia Leucoptera 1777 Tahiti (Is.) Sp Ext
Jerdon’s Courser Cursorius Bitorquatus 1900 C.India Sp End
Californian Least Tern Sterna Albifrons Browni California Sb End
Chinese Crested Tern Sterna Zimmermanni 1937 China Sp Pox
Great Auk Alca Impennis 1844 North Atlantic Sp Ext
Dodo Raphus Cucullatus 1681 Mauritius (Is.) Sp Ext
Reunion Solitaire Raphus Solitarius 1746 Reunion Is. Sp Ext
Rodriguez Solitaire Pezophaps Solitaria 1791 Rodriguez Is. Sp Ext
White Dodo Victoriornis Imperialis ? Sp Ext
Lord Howe Island Pigeon Columba Vitiensis Godmanae ? Lord Howe Is. Sb Ext
Puerto Rico Plain Pigeon Columba Inornata Wetmorei <100 Puerto Rico Sb End
Laurel Pigeon Columba Junoniae Canary Is. Sp Rar
Seychelles Turtle Dove Streptopelia Picturata Rostrata <100 Seychelles (Is.) Sb End
Palau Nicobar Pigeon Caloenas Nicobarica Pelewensis Sb End
Mauritius Pink Pigeon Nesoenas Mayeri <100 Mauritius (Is.) Sp End
Marquesas Pigeon Ducula Galatea Marquesas Is. Sp End
Truk Micronesian Pigeon Ducula Oceanica Teroaki Sb End
Norfolk Island Pigeon Hemiphaga Novaeseelandiae Spadicea ? Norfolk Is. Sb Ext
Kakapo Stringops Habroptilus <100 N.Z. Sp End
Madeiran Wood Pigeon Columba Palumbus Maderensis 1905 Madeira (Is.) Sb Ext
Lord Howe Island White-Throated Pigeon Columba Vitiensis Godmanae 1899 Lord Howe Is. Sb Ext
Cebu Amethyst Fruit Dove Phapitreron Ameythystina 1899 Cebu (Is.) Sb Ext
Nukuhiva Red-Moustached Fruit Dove Ptilinopus Mercierii Mercierii 1849 Nuku Hiva Is. (Marquesas) Sb Ext
Hivaoa Red-Moustached Fruit Dove Ptilinopus Mercirii 1920 Hiva Oa Is. (Marquesas) Sb Ext
Society Island Ground Dove Gallicolumba Erythroptera 1966 Society Is. Sp End
Tolima Dove Leptotila Conoveri Columbia Sp End
Grenada Dove Leptotila Wellsi Grenada Is. Sp End
Rodriguez Pigeon Alectroenas Roderica 1693 Rodriguez Is. Sp Ext
Bonin Black Pigeon Columba Versicolor 1889 Bonin Is. Sp Ext
Mauritius Blue Pigeon Alectroenas Nitidissima 1830 Mauritius (Is.) Sp Ext
Tanna Dove Gallicolumba Ferruginea 1774 Tanna Is. New Hebs. Sp Ext
Choiseul Crested Pigeon Microgoura Meeki 1904 Choiseul Is. Sp Ext
Passenger Pigeon Ectopistes Migratorius 1914 Eastern N.America Sp Ext
Ryukyu Wood Pigeon Columba Jouyi 1936 Ryukyu Is. Sp Ext
Bourbon Pink Pigeon Columba Duboisi ? Reunion Is. Sp Ext
Norfolk Is. Dove Gallicolumba Norfolciensis ? Norfolk Is. Sp Ext
St. Helena Blue Dove ? St. Helena (Is.) Sp Ext
Glaucous Macaw Andorhychus Glaucus Southern South America Sp Ext
Lear’s Macaw Anodorhynchus Leari Sp End
Puerto Rican Conure Aratinga Chloroptera Maugei ? Sb Ext
Maroon-Fronted Parrot Rhynchopsitta Pachyrhyncha Terrisi Sb End
Culebra Island Amazon Amazona Vittata Gracileps ? Culebra Is. Sb Ext
Puerto Rican Amazon Amazona Vittata <100 Sp End
St. Lucia Amazon Amazona Versicolour <100 St. Lucia (Is.) Sp End

Name      Latin name     Origin   Date Extinct Species/Subsp Status

Jacquot Amazona Arausiaca Sp End
Red-Tailed Amazon Amazon Braziliensis Sp End
St. Vincent Amazon Amazona Guildingii St. Vincent (Is.) Sp End
Imperial Parrot Amazona Imperialis Sp End
Seychelles Lesser Vasa Parrot Coracopsis Nigra Barklyi <100 Seychelles (Is.) Sb End
Mascarine Parrot Mascarinus Mascarinus ? Sp Ext
Mauritian Parakeet Psittacula Echo <100 Mauritius (Is.) Sp End
Orange-Fronted Parakeet Cyanoramphus Malherbi <100 Sp End
Forbes’s Parakeet Cyanoramphus Auriceps Forbesi <100 Sb End
Macquarie Island Parakeet Cyanoramphus Novaezelandiae Erythrotis ? Macquarie Is. Sb Ext
Red-Fronted Parakeet Cyanoramphus Novaezelandiae Subflavescens ? Sb Ext
Norfolk Island Parakeet Cyanoramphus Novaezelandiae Cookii <100 Norfolk Is. Sb End
Western Ground Parrot Pezoporus Wallicus Flaviventris <100 Aust. Sb End
Siquijor Hanging Parrot Loriculus Philippensis Siquijorensis ? Siquijor Is. (Philippines) Sb Ext
Cebu Hanging Parrot Loriculus Philippensis Chrysonotus ? Cebu Is. Sb Ext
Night Parrot Geopsittacus Occidentalis Australia Sp End
Wagler’s Macaw Ara Caninde Bolivia Sp End
Rufous-Fronted Parakeet Bolborhynchus Ferrugineifrons 1955 Columbia Sp Pox
Yellow-Eared Conure Ognorhynchus Icterotis Columbia Sp End
Paradise Parrot Psephotus Pulcherrimus 1927 Aust. Sp Ext
Society Parrot Cyanoramphus Ulietanus 1774 Raiatea Is. Sp Ext
Black-Fronted Parrot Cyanoramphus Zealandicus 1844 Tahiti (Is.) Sp Ext
Newton’s Parrot Psittacula Exsul 1875 Rodriguez Is. Sp Ext
Mascarine Parrot Mascarinus Mascarinus 1834 Reunion Is. Sp Ext
Broad-Billed Parrot Lophosittacus Mauritianus 1638 Mauritius (Is.) Sp Ext
Rodriguez Parrot Necropsittacus Rodricanus 1730 Rodriguez Is. Sp Ext
Cuban Macaw Ara Tricolor 1885 Cuba (Is.) Sp Ext
Carolina Parakeet Conuropsis Carolensis 1914 S.E.USA Sp Ext
New Caledonian Lorikeet Charmosyna Diadema 1860 New Caledonia (Is.) Sp End
Norfolk Is. Kaka Nestor Productus 1851 Norfolk Is. Sp Ext
Night Parrot Geopsittacus Occidentalis Australia Sp End
Seychelles Parakeet Psittacula Wardi ? Seychelles (Is.) Sp Ext
Daubenton’s Parakeet Psittacula Eques ? Reunion Is. Sp Ext
Violet Guadaloupe Parrot Amazona Violacea 1722 Guadaloupe Is. Sp Ext
Martinique Parrot Amazona Martinicana 1722 Martinique (Is.) Sp Ext
Labat’s Conure Aratinga Labati 1722 Guadaloupe (Is.) Sp Ext
St. Croix Macaw Ara Autochthones ? St. Croix Is. Sp Ext
Yellow-Headed Macaw Ara Gossei 1765 Jamaica (Is.) Sp Ext
Green And Yellow Macaw Ara Erythrocephala 1810 Jamaica (Is.) Sp Ext
Guadaloupe Red Macaw Ara Guadeloupensis 1722 Guadaloupe (Is.) Sp Ext
Dominican Macaw Ara Atwoodi 1791 Dominica (Is.) Sp Ext
Prince Ruspoli’s Touraco Touraco Ruspolii Ethiopia Sp End
Red-Faced Malkoha Phaenicophaeus Pyrrhoephalus S.India Sb End
Bahia Rufous-Vented Ground-Cuckoo Neomorphus Geoffroyi Maximiliani 1932 Brazil Sb Prx
Snail-eating Coua Coua Delalandei 1834 Madagascar (Is.) Sp Ext
Madagascar Red Owl Tyto Soumagnei Madagascar (Is.) Sp End
Mauritian Barn Owl Tyto Sauzieri ? Mauritius Sp Ext
Newton’s Barn Owl Tyto Newtoni ? Sp Ext
Soumagne’s Owl Tyto Soumagnei <100 Sp End
Comoro Scops Owl Otus Ritilus Capnodes ? Sb End
Seychelles Bare-Legged Scops Owl Otus Insularis <100 Seychelles (Is.) Sp End
Lanyu Scops Owl Otus Elegans Botelensis <100 Sb End
Forest Spotted Owlet Athene Blewitti ? Sp Ext
Antigua Burrowing Owl Speotyto Cunicularia Amaura ? Antigua (Is.) Sb Ext
Guadaloupe Burrowing Owl Speotyto Cunicularia Guadeloupensis ? Guadeloupe (Is.) Sb Ext
Lord Howe Island Morepork Ninox Novaeseelandiae Albaria ? Lord Howe Is. Sb Ext
Norfolk Island Morepork Ninox Novaeseelandiae Undulata Norfolk Is. Sb End
Rodriguez Little Owl Athene Murivora 1730 Rodriguez Is. Sp Ext
Laughing Owl Sceloglaux Albifacies 1950 N.Z. Sp Ext
Commerson’s Scops Owl Otus Commersoni 1837 Mauritius (Is.) Sp Ext
New Caledonia Owlet Frogmouth Aegotheles Savesi 1880 New Caledonia (Is.) Sp Prx
Least Pauraque Siphonorhis Brewsteri <100 Sp End
Jamaican Pauraque Siphonorhis Americanus 1859 Jamaica Sp Ext
Hook-Billed Hermit Glaucis Dohrnii Sp End
Klabin Farm Long-Tailed Hermit Phaethornis Margarettae Sp End
Black Barbthroat Threnetes Grzimellii Sp End
Chilean Woodstar Eulidia Yarrellii Sp End
Klabin Farm Long-Tailed Hermit Phaethornis Margarettae Brazil (Klabin) Sp End
Black-Billed Hermit Phaethornis Nigrirostris Brazil Sp End
Guam Micronesian Kingfisher Halcyon Cinnamomina Cinnamomina Guam (Is.) Sb End
Ryukyu Kingfisher Halcyon Miyakoensis 1887 Ryukyu Is. Sp Ext
Mangareva Kingfisher Halcyon Gambieri 1841 Sp Ext
Tristram’s Woodpecker Dryocopus Javansis Richardsi <100 Sp End
Okinawa Woodpecker Sapheopipo Noguchii <100 Okinawa (Is.) Sp End
Cuban Ivory-billed Woodpecker Pampephilus Principalis Bairdii 1991 Cuba (Is.) Sb Ext
Ivory-billed Woodpecker Campephilus Principalis Principalis S.E.USA Sb Ext
Imperial Woodpecker Campephilus Imperialis <100 Sp End
Guadalupe Flicker Colaptes Cafer Rufipileus 1906 Guadalupe Is. Sb Ext
Helmeted Woodpecker Dryocopus Galeatus 1965 S.America Sp End
Imperial Woodpecker Campephilus Imperialis Mexico Sp Prx
Black-Hooded Antwren Myrmotherula Erythronotos <100 Sp End
Fringe-Backed Fire Eye Pyriglena Atra Sp End
Moustached Antpitta Grallaria Alleni 1911 Columbia/Ecuador Sp End
Brown-banded Antpitta Grallaria Milleri 1911 Columbia Sp Prx
Stresemann’s Bristlefront Merulaxis Stresemanni 1950 E.Brazil Sp Prx
Brazilia Tapaculo Scytalopus Novacapitalis 1957 Brazilia Sp Prx
Kinglet Calyptura Calyptura Cristata Se Brazil Sp Prx
North Island Bush Wren Xenicus Longipes Stokesi 1949 Nz N.Is. Sb Ext
South Island Bush Wren Xenicus Longipes longipes 1972 Nz S.Is. Sb Ext
Stead’s Bush Wren Xenicus Longipes Variabilis 1965 Nz Stewart Is. Sb Ext
Stephens Is. Bush Wren Xenicus Lyalli 1894 Stephens Is. Sp Ext
Small-Billed Wattled Sunbird Neodrepanis Hypoxantha 1925 Madagascar (Is.) Sp Prx
Noisy Scrub Bird Atrichornis Clamosus <100 Aust. Sp End
White-Eyed River Martin Pseudochelidon Sirintarae 1968 Thailand Sp Prx
Cebu Black Greybird Coracina Coerulescens Altera 1906 Cebu Is. Sb Ext
Cebu Barred Greybird Coracina Striata Cebuensis 1906 Cebu Is. Sb Ext
Norfolk Island Triller Lalage Leucopyga Leucopyga 1962 Norfolk Is. Sb Ext
Reunion Cuckoo-Shrike Coracina Newtoni 25 Reunion Is. Sp End
Cebu Slaty-Crowned Bulbul Hypsipetes Siquijorensis Monticola 1906 Cebu Is. Sb Ext
San Clemente Loggerhead Shrike Lanius Ludovicanus Mearsi Sb End
Black-Capped Bush Shrike Maloconotus Alius Sp End
Van Dam’s Vanga Xenopirostris Damii <100 Sp End
Pollen’s Vanga Xenopirostris Polleni Sp End
Cyprus Dipper Cinclus Cinclus Olympicus 1939 Cyprus (Is.) Sb Ext
Guadalupe Bewick’s Wren Thryomanes Bewickii Brevicauda ? Guadalupe Is. Sb Ext
Guadaloupe House Wren Troglodytes Aedon Guadeloupensis <100 Guadaloupe Is. Sb End
Martinique House Wren Troglodytes Aedon Martinicensis ? Martinique Is. Sb Ext
St Lucia House Wren Troglodytes Aedon Mesoleucus ? St.Lucia (Is.) Sb Ext
San Benedicto Rock Wren Salpinctes Obsoletus Exsul 1952 San Benedicto (Is.) Sb Ext
San Clemente Bewick’s Wren Thryomanes Bewickii Leucophrys 1927 San Clemente (Is.) Sb Ext
Daito Wren Troglodytes Troglodytes Orii 1938 Daito (Is.) Sb Ext
Southern Ryukyu Erithacus Komadori Subrufa <100 Ryukyu (Is.) Sb End
Dappled Mountain Robin Modulatrix Orostruthus Orostruthus Sb End
Seychelles Magpie Robin Copsychus Seychellarum <100 Seychelles (Is.) Sp End
Puaiohi Phaeornis Palmeri <100 Sp End
Grey-Headed Blackbird Turdus Poliocephalus Poliocephalus <100 Sp End
Seychelles Black Paradise Flycatcher Terpsiphone Corvina <100 Seychelles (Is.) Sp End
Cebu Black Shama Copsychus Niger Cebuensis 1956 Cebu Is. Sb Ext
Isle of Pines Solitaire Myadestes Elisabeth Retrusus 1934 Sb Ext
Muriel’s Chat Saxicola Dacotiae Murielae 1913 Sb Ext
Mare Grey-Headed Blackbird Turdus Poliocephalus Mareensis 1939 Sb Ext
Bay Thrush Turdus Ulietensis 1774 Society Is. Sp Ext
Grand Cayman Thrush Turdus Ravidus 1939 Grand Cayman Sp Ext
Kittlitz’s Thrush Zoothera Terrestris 1828 Raiatea Is. Sp Ext
New Zealand Thrush Turnagra Capensis 1908 N.Z. Sp Ext
Kauai Omao Phaeornis Obscurus Myadestina <100 Kauai (Is.) Sb End
Burma Jerdon’s Babbler Moupinia Altirostris Altirostris 1941 Burma Sb Ext
Long-Legged Warbler Trichocichla Rufa <100 Sp End
Eiao Polynesian Warbler Acrocephalus Caffra Aquilonis Sb End
Moorean Polynesian Warbler Acrocephalus Caffra Longirostris <100 Sb End
Roderiguez Brush Warbler Bebrornis Rodericanus <100 Roderiguez Is. Sb End
Daito Bush Warbler Cettia Diphone Restrictus 1922 Daito (Is.) Sb Ext
Laysan Millerbird Acrocephalus Familiaris Familiaris ? Laysan Is. Sb Ext
Long-Legged Warbler Trichocichla Rufa Sp Pox
Aldabra Warbler Nesillas aldabrana 1980s Seychelles Sp Ext
Western Rufous Bristlebird Dasyornis Broadbenti Littoralis <100 Sb End
Chatham Island Bellbird Anthornis Melanura Melanocephala 1910 Chatham Is. Sb Ext
Chatham Island Fernbird Bowdleria Punctata Rufescens 1910 Chatham Is. Sb Ext
Eyrean Grasswren Amytornis Goyderi Australia Sp End
Guam Flycatcher Myiagra freycinetti 1980s Guam Sp Ext
Tahiti Flycatcher Pomerea Nigra Nigra Sb End
Hivoa Flycatcher Pomarea Mendozae Mendozae Sb End
Nukuhiva Flycatcher Pomarea Mendozae Nukuhivae <100 Sb End
Grenada Euler’s Flycatcher Empidonax Euleri Johnstonei 1910 Greneda (Is.) Sb Ext
South Island Piopio Turnagra Capensis Capensis 1963 Nz S.Is. Sb Ext
North Island Piopio Turnagra Capensis Tanagra 1955 Nz N.Is. Sb Ext
Daito Varied Tit Parus Varius Orii 1938 Daito Is. Sb Ext
Cebu Orange-Breasted Flowerpecker Dicaeum Trigonostigma Pallidus 1906 Cebu Is. Sb Ext
Four-Coloured Flowerpecker Dicaeum Quadricolor 1906 Sp Ext
Small-billed False-sunbird Neodrepanis Hypoxantha E.Madagascar Sp End
White-Breasted Silver Eye Zosterops Albogularis <100 Sp End
Gizo White Eye Zosterops Luteirostris <100 Sp End
Truk Great White-Eye Rukia Ruki Truk Is. Sp End
Cebu Everett’s White-Eye Zosterops Everetti Everetti 1906 Cebu Is. Sb Ext
Seychelles Chestnut-Flanked White-Eye Zosterops Mayottensis Semiflava 1888 Seychelles (Is.) Sb Ext
Lord Howe White-Eye Zosterops Strenua 1918 Lord Howe Is. Sp Ext
Kauai O-O Moho Braccatus 2 Kauai Is. Sp End
Mukojima Bonin Honeyeater Apalopteron Familiare <100 Sp End
Helmeted Honeyeater Meliphaga Melanops Cassidix <100 Sb End
Kioea Chaetoptila Angustipluma 1859 Hawaii Is. Sp Ext
Hawaii O-O Moho Nobilis 1934 Hawaii Is. Sp Ext
Oahu O-O Moho Apicalis 1837 Oahu Is. Sp Ext
Molokai O-O Moho Bishopi 1915 Molokai Is. Sp Ext
Santa Barbara Song Sparrow Melospiza Melodia Graminea 1967 USA Sb Ext
Guadalupe Rufous-Sided Towhee Pipilo Erythrophthalmus Consobrinus 1897 Guadalupe Is. Sb Ext
Cherry-Throated Tanager Nemosia Rourei <100 Sp End
Bachman’s Warbler Vermivora Bachmanii <100 USA Sp End
Kirtland’s Warbler Dendroica Kirtlandii USA Sp End
Semper’s Warbler Leucopeza Semperi Sp End
Kauai Alauwahio Loxops Maculata Bairdi Kauai Is. Sb End
Oahu Alauwahio Loxops Maculata Maculata <100 Oahu Is. Sb End
Maui Akepa Loxops Coccinea Ochracea <100 Maui Is. Sb End
Palila Psittirostra Bailleui Hawaiian Is. Sp End
Ou Psittirostra Psittacea Hawaiian Is. Sp End
Lanai Creeper Paroreomyza Maculata Montana 1937 Lanai Is. Sb Ext
Ula-Ai-Hawane Ciridops Anna 1892 Hawaii Is. Sp Ext
Greater Koa Finch Psittirostra Palmeri 1896 Hawaii Is. Sp Ext
Grosbeak Finch Psittirostra Kona 1894 Hawaii Is. Sp Ext
Greater Amakihi Loxops Sagittirostris 1900 Hawaii Is. Sp Ext
Mamo Drepanis Pacifica 1898 Hawaii Is. Sp Ext
Black Mamo Drepanis Funerea 1907 Malokai Is. Sp Ext
Hawaiian Akailoa Hemignathus Obscurus Obscurus 1895 Hawaii Is. Sb Ext
Kauai Akailoa Hemignathus Obscurus 1960s Kauai Is. Sb Ext
Oahu Nukupuu Hemignathus Lucidus ? Oahu Is. Sb Ext
Kakawahie Paroreomyza flammea 1963 Molokai Is. Sp Ext
Lesser Koa Finch Psittirostra Flaviceps 1891 Hawaii Is. Sp Ext
Slender-Billed Grackle Cassidix Palustris 1910 Sp Ext
Puerto Rican Bullfinch Loxigilla Portoricensis Portoricensis Puerto Rico Sb End
Sao Miguel Bullfinch Pyrrhula Pyrrhula Murina Sb End
Red Siskin Spinus Cucullatus Sp End
Mcgregor’s House Finch Carpodacus Mexicanus Mcgregori 1938 Sb Ext
Bonin Grosbeak Chaunoproctus Ferreirostris 1890 Bonin Is. Sp Ext
Townsend’s Finch Spiza Townsendi 1833 Sp Ext
Mauritius Fody Foudia Rubra <100 Mauritius Is. Sp End
Rodriguez Fody Foudia Flavicans Rodriguez Is. Sp End
Sao Thome Grosbeak-Weaver Neospiza Concolor 1888 Sao Thome Is. Sp Ext
Reunion Fody Foudia Madagascariensis bruante 1776 Reunion Is. Sb Ext
Rothschild’s Grackle Leucopsar rothschildi sp End
Norfolk Island Starling Aplonis fuscus fuscus 1925 Norfolk Is. Sb Ext
Kusaie Starling Aplonis corvina 1828 Kusaie Is. Sp Ext
Mysterious Starling Aplonis mavornata 1774 Society Is. Sp Ext
Norfolk & Lord Howe Island Starling Aplonis fusca 1928 Norfolk & Lord Howe Islands Sp Ext
Bourbon Crested Starling Fregilupus varius 1862 Reunion Is. Sp Ext
Leguat’s Starling Fregilupus rodericanus 1832 Rodriguez Is. Sp Ext
Grand Cayman Jamaican Oriole Icterus leucopteryx bairdi 1938 Grand Cayman (Is.) Sb Ext
Cebu Dark-Throated Oriole Oriolus xanthonotus assimilis 1906 Cebu Is. Sb Ext
South Island Callaeus cinerea cinerea ? Nz South Is. Sb Ext
Huia Heteralocha acutirostris 1907 N.Z. North Is. Sp Ext
Lord Howe Island Currawong Strepera graculina crissalis <100 Lord Howe Is. Sb End
Marianas Crow corvus kubaryi <100 Marianas Is. Sp End
Hawaiian Crow corvus tropicus <100 Hawaiian Is. Sp End
Pink-Eared Duck Malacorhynchus membranaceus ? Tasmania (Is.) Sp Ext[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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  1. David Tjepkema

    I was on South Pondra Island beach (North) and we seen a bird that went by skimming the shallow water its lower bill in water. What is it? I’m not a (bird watcher) but I enjoy watching birds .

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