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Ornithological Meetings

Professional Societies and Journals in Ornithology

There are a number of professional societies, some publishing journals. These organizations are mainly concerned with the collection and analysis of data pertaining to birds and their populations. Most of their members are professional ornithologists who are employed by universities, governmental agencies, or private environmentally-oriented organizations.

North America
Searchable Ornithological Research Archive
Ornithological Societies of North America
Ornithological Worldwide Literature is a dynamic, joint communication venture of the American Ornithologists’ Union (AOU) and the Cooper Ornithological Society (COS) that facilitates the societies’ broader mission of: promoting the science of ornithology, recruiting and mentoring future ornithologists, and advancing the understanding, appreciation, and conservation of bird species and their populations

American Ornithological Society
Assoc. of Field Ornithologists
Bird Studies Canada
Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology
Georgia Ornithological Society
Journal of Oregon Ornithology
Journal of Raptor Research
Marine Ornithology
Meadowlark- Journal of Illinois Birds
Nuttall Ornithological Club
Pacific Seabird Group
Purple Martin Society, NA
Raptor Research Foundation
Smithsonian Division of Birds

The Ornithological Newsletter On-line
Western Field Ornithologists/Western Birds
Wilson Ornithological Society

Australian Bird Study Association
Australasian Raptor Association
Birdlife Australia
British Ornithologist’s Union
Journal of Avian Biology
Journal Fur Ornithologie
J. of Indian Bird Records and Conservation
Marine Ornithology
Ornithological Society of New Zealand
Ukranian Journal of Ornithology
Ornithological Society of the Middle East
International Ornithologist’s Union



These groups are interested in the observation of birds for enjoyment rather than serious study, although many birdwatchers provide important information for ornithological scientists through activities like the Christmas Bird Count and Cornell’s Feederwatch.

North America
American Birding Association
Bird Club Finder
Hummingbird Society
Local Audubon Societies
National Bluebird Society
North American Bluebird Society

Purple Martin Society
World Ornithological Societies

U.S. State and Canada Province Birds Record Committees


BirdWatcher’s Digest
 National Audubon Society

ornithology and birdwatcher's digest

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