Bird Feeder Camera Redux

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A year ago I posted a blog on a combination bird feeder-camera that was supposed to identify birds at the bird feeder. I wasn’t impressed. Never could get the thing to work. Directions weren’t clear, for one thing. I was a bit overwhelmed by the tech knowledge the instructions assumed of me. My techy grandaughter set it up but it never worked,

Recently I was sent another bird feeder camera to try out. This one by Technaxx is described on Amazon as  a “Technaxx Bird Feeder Camera Station with Versatile Installation Kit – Smart Birdhouse with Video Camera.” Like I did for the first bird feeder camera I was sent, I gave this to my granddaughter to set it up it for me. She said it was easy, especially compared to the first camera I tried. I received the bird feeder/camera in the early summer when birds were not visiting bird feeders, so I didn’t get any results until recently. But an Oak Titmouse has recently shown up on a regular basis, so I managed to get both video and still shots of him/her. Not bad, considering the bird is a little jumpy, as titmice are, and the camera has fixed focus. I haven’t tried the microphone or speaker, maybe later.

A description of the camera, extracted and edited for clarity from Amazon:

  • Bird Box Camera TX-165 is ideal for recording and observing birds (short lens focus 6-15 cm; viewing angle of 100°).
  • Full HD video resolution 1080p, 5 cm TFT LCD display, video, photo or slow motion functions, PIR sensor & IR range, built-in microphone & speaker.
  • Has both bird feeder (150 grams/5 oz) and removeable water trough.
  • Installation via wall mount, railing mount, or belt.

And you can remove the camera from the back of the enclosure, which I think is a handy feature.

I have looked at the reviews of other cameras and they are basically very similar. The details of each – size, focal length, megapixels, mounting options, etc. differ a bit, but it’s hard to know which is the best without trying them all out, which is not a practical solution. You certainly don’t do that with regular cameras, microwaves, and toaster ovens; you get recommendations.

So I’m here to tell you (does this sound commercialish?) that the Technaxx Bird Feeder Camera is a good solution. It takes reasonable quality photos and is very durable, judging by the punishment my granddaughter’s bulldog has given it (she mounted it too low and the dog will eat anything, including bird seed.)

Well, as I said in my last blog, I’m not a big fan of electronic gadgets for birdwatching in general, and although I will keep using this camera, close-up pictures of birds feeding is of no particular interest to me unless there are some rare birds around that I might not spy otherwise. But for casual birdwatchers, the housebound, kids, and seniors, this could be a real treat, as long as are moderately tech-savvy.

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  1. My daughter made me a similar device, but this one has a suet feeder. I watch it all year round because all the birds like suet even those who don’t expect it. Further, it has a camera a nest, so that it can take life pictures whenever I want to. Haven’t quite had it figured out yet but that’s OK. Onward.

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