Economic View of Birdwatching

There’s a recent (Oct 2023) article in the journal Ornithological Applications entitled “Historical racial redlining and contemporary patterns of income inequality negatively affect birds, their habitat, and people in Los Angeles, California.” It’s rather complex but the basic idea is that well-to-do or even moderate-income neighborhoods have a greater diversity of birds than do low-income …

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Slow Birding

Recently Slow Birding, a book all about enjoying the birds in your backyard, was published. The author, Joan Strassmann, an accomplished scientist in the field of evolution and microbes writes about her hobby of birdwatching and offers some good advice. Rather than traveling far and wide to see and list birds in new locales, the …

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Ukraine Birdlife

“Ukraine is internationally important for wild birds: 434 species, 18 globally threatened birds, 19 species for which the country hosts more than 15% of the European population (over 60 percent of the Slender-billed Gull species resides in Ukraine) and 141 Important Bird Areas covering 2.5 million hectares.  All of them are under the threat of …

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