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I heard on NPR the other day a story about a guy who divorced his wife and married his girlfriend. The guy took his parrot with him when he moved in with himagesis girlfriend but found out that his wife had taught the parrot some rather rude and risqué names for the girlfriend!

Then Vladimir Putin, Russian President, followed some Siberian Cranes in a motorized glider.

Other weird news:

Police allege three young men broke into Sea World on Queensland’s Gold Coast on Saturday night, swam in the dolphin enclosure and then stole a penguin as they made their escape. (Australian Telegraph.)

In Harbin, China, a pair of penguins at the city zoo turned out to be gay. The zookeepers, as maybe you would not have expected, put on a wedding with all the fixings including a tux for each of the birds.

In Newcastle, England, a brood of ducklings fell down a storm sewer grate into the sewer. Unable to follow them, the mother duck stayed above the grate until locals removed a manhole cover and netted the young birds out.

Some idiot in Idaho shot a Bald Eagle, damaging its beak. The bird was found half starved to death at a local dump. An engineer crafted an artificial beak of hard plastic so the bird could again eat.

Customs officials in Brazil intercepted a man with a bag of 200 canaries; 60 of them were dead.

Farmers in Turkey found a dead bee-eater with a band on its leg with an Israeli marking. They figured it was a bird sent to spy on them. Actually, researchers were just tracking the migratory path of the bird.

From the News Mail of Australia: “It’s A lot cheaper than feeding a dog and it won’t jump on your lap and demand to be fussed over like a cat – so if you’re in the market for a low-maintenance pet, a Queensland bird-eating spider may be just what you’re looking for. Boylans Garden and Pet Centre has stocked one of Australia’s largest spiders for about four months now and, this month, it featured as the shop’s pet of the month. Boylans reptile and arachnid specialist Ty Hutchinson said the spiders, which cost $160, were starting to gain more interest from those in the market for an exotic or unique pet.”If you’re into spiders then I would recommend them, but they are definitely not for everyone,” he said.”People have been coming in and having a look, even people who are scared of spiders are still intrigued. They can grow anywhere from the size of a bread and butter plate up to the size of a dinner plate.”

Finally, a young girl in Pennsylvania rescued a woodpecker from the jaws of a cat. She saved it cared for it, and released it. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service found out about it and fined the family $535 for possessing the bird as it is a violation of federal law. They rescinded the fine.

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