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We independently evaluate all recommended products and services. If you click on links we provide, we may receive compensation. is a fairly popular website and ranks high on Google, so I receive regular emails from people who want to write articles for me. What they really want to do is pitch a product or service via a link in their article. Free advertising, so to speak. If it is bird-related, interesting and useful, I’ll consider it, but more often than not they are selling financial services or krill oil or something like that. I want my website to be objective and informative and not full of irrelevant ads like so many other websites.

But I’m going to make an exception here, not because I’m making money, I’m not, but because this appears to be a great product that claims to save birds’ lives. I’ve written before about the serious problem of bird-window collisions. There are no exact figures, but good estimates from 40 years of collecting data tell us that at least 100 million and perhaps one billion birds are killed by colliding with windows in the U.S. In Chicago, for example, one tall skyscraper might be responsible for 2000 or more bird fatalities. There is no easy solution at present to the problem that would be acceptable to most people who live in these homes and offices.

There are windows with embedded UV stripes in them, or so called “fritted” glass, making windows visible to birds, and a whole bunch of low-tech solutions to bird strikes like taping mylar strips or hanging CDs in front of the window or something else to warn the birds that the window is not a passageway. But read the following email I received the other day and see if you don’t agree with me that this is an elegant and cheap solution that seems as if it would be effective. And you can do it yourself.

Here’s the email I received:

Prevent birds from flying into windows..

“My name is Jeff Acopian and I am the founder of Acopian BirdSavers – a very effective technique to prevent birds from flying into windows, which everyone should know about. Acopian BirdSavers is a very simple, elegant, aesthetically pleasing solution to the major problem of birds dying at our windows – and it works! And BirdSavers are especially inexpensive if you make them yourself (we supply DIY instructions at the BirdSavers website).Please watch this 98-second video on YouTube called “How to Stop the Thuds”, which will introduce you to Acopian BirdSavers
And here is another great YouTube video that shows BirdSavers in use next to the majestic Arenal Volcano in Costa Rica.
Acopian BirdSavers @ The Arenal Observatory Lodge & Spa

If you decide to make yourself an Acopian BirdSaver, let me know how it works.

I am impressed that Jeff Acopian provides do it yourself instructions for making his product. How many sellers do that?

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  1. Hi. We recently put up these that we made ourselves using paracord following the directions on the website. We thought it was working at first but have recently had several birds still fly into these glass doors. Today we had two bird strikes. Any idea why this could be and is there something additional we could do? Eagerly awaiting your reply. Thank you.

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