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Ecobirding means to support a park, city, region, area, or country by birdwatching there and supporting the economy. Places like Costa Rica have demonstrated that offering their beautiful natural habitat with its interesting avifauna can keep the country solvent and protect its natural resources.

front viewJay House is in a pleasant very walkable neighborhood in the charming town of Colusa, a short stroll from the Sacramento River. Forty percent of the migratory birds on the Pacific Flyway pass through the area, and Colusa is a few minutes drive from the wildlife refuges in the SacramentoテつNational Wildlife Refuge Complex. From theテつhouse it’s a short walk into the Colusa-Sacramento River State Recreation Area. The area is very familiar to birdテつwatchers, hunters and fishermen, but is otherwise a well-kept secret. Only an hour from Sacramento or two hours from San egret roomFrancisco, Colusa is like another world. This is a real small town, undiscovered by tourists, yet with all the ingredients for a fun and relaxing get-away.

You can contact us viaテつemail or by phone at (707) 480-3457 to reserve your visit to Jay House.

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Sergio Corbet, an agriculturist, has travelled all over Argentina and neighboring border countries watching テつbirds. He suggests you visitテつbetween the months of October and March forテつthe best birding. Sergio speaks fluent English, French, Spanish, Russian and some テつGerman. Sergio is the South American Birding Correspondent to Surfbirds as well as Proact’s South American Coordinator. Argentina please contact Sergio in order to arrange a memorable birding trip to places such as Costanera Sur NR, the Pampas Plains, Patagonia, the Cordoba Hills or even the Iguazu Falls area. Daily Fees: $155 USD plus expenses birdguiding 1 or 2 birders..

Also available to Guide in: Uruguay, Paraguay, Chile and Southern Brazil.テつe-mail: or
Tel: 0054-11-4804-5240


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