Teacher Resources for Studying Birds

One of the best ways to get students interested in nature and ecology is through the study of birds. The ornithologist, also a science educator, is glad to answer questions from teachers. Click here to contact him.

birdhouse and kids-ncrs

Teaching Kids About Birds- from WildBirds.com

Kids are naturally curious and love to learn. Birds hold a special fascination — they can FLY!

Parents and teachers can help children learn about their feathered friends simply by answering their questions. How do they fly? What is the smallest bird? Why are Robin’s eggs blue?

A Variety of Bird Feeders
Albatross Project Grades 4-6
All about birds

Are You a Birdbrain?
A-Z of Birds -popup cards
Bird Feeder Crafts for Kids
Bird Flight Resources for Teachers
Bird Resources for Elementary School Teachers – Bibliography
Bird Skeleton

Bird Word Puzzle
Nice Bird Puzzle apk
Bird Lesson Plans
Bird in Flight; What a Sight.
Build A Bird
Ducks for kids

Try these projects together:

  • Build a bird feeder — see what comes to eat
  • Build a bird house
  • Find ten different birds in your area
  • Make an owl out of a pine cone
  • Look for bird nests in your yard
  • Do a report about your favorite bird
  • Find twenty bird photos on the Internet
  • Try to find out how many birds there are
  • Figure out what a bird eats by looking at the shape of its bill

Older children can be introduced to the concepts of conservation, ecology and habitat preservation.

Birds Education Network
Bird Education Network

Parents and teachers can encourage kids to stop, look and listen. Birds sing, they protect their territory, they attract mates, they hunt for food. This behavior is fascinating to watch. Make sure the children in your life notice these things.

Hummingbird Project
KidWings— excellent
Learn about Cranes
Pine Cone Bird Feeder
Teaching Kids About the Bird 
Tropical Coloring Book
Turkeys for kids

Where Bird Kinds Live
Our Feathered Friends – preschool

Also check out:  Cornell Laboratory Educators’ Guide to Bird Study

birdsBird Lesson Plans

2 thoughts on “Teacher Resources for Studying Birds

  1. I have always found birds fascinating.

    However, for the life of me i just cant seem to bring myself to get one as a pet.

    Maybe by going through the resources on this blog, i would be able to build that confidence i need to own my own bird

    1. I encourage you not to. I disapprove of keeping birds in cages although those that have been bred in captivity for many years such as canaries and parakeets I don’t have an issue with. I do have a problem with those parrots and other species that are caught in the wild and put in cages. There’s a terrible toll taken of these birds every year. I hope the resources on this blog convince you that you do not need your own bird. Get a dog or cat from the shelter.

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