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Found Young or Injured Birds?

Although it is difficult and often not successful, it is sometimes necessary to try to rehabilitate injured birds or raise young onesテつ. There is good advice on the links to the right. However, it is VERY difficult for the inexperienced to rehabilitate or raise birds. Raising babies should be left to the parents whenever possible. The best thing to do in almost every case is toテつreturn the young back to where you found them. Do not place them back in the nest as they most likely left on their own accord and will just jump out again. Note that it is against U.S. Federal Law to possess eggs, birds, nests, or feathers without a permit or license.

It is best to contact a wildlife rehabilitation center or aテつwildlife rehabilitator near you (see links below) or call your local wildlife official for advice. For obvious reasons, wildlife rehabilitation organizations are all local or at least restricted in the geographical area they serve. You can look them up in the Wildlife Rehabilitation Information Directory.

wildlife rehab birds

テつJust a Few Rehabilitation Centers in the U.S.

Tri-State Bird Rescue and Research
University of Minnesota Raptor Center
National Wildlife Rehabilitators Association
Wild Bird Rehabilitation
Wild Bird Rescue
Wildlife Rehabilitation

If you wish to become seriously involved in wildlife rehabilitation, especially that of migratory birds that are protected by federal law, you need to have a federal permit. Click here for more information and an application form.

You can also get information and subscribe to the Journal of Wildlife Rehabilitation

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