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One of the nicest things about birdwatching, the fastest growing outdoor sport in the U.S. is that it is accessible. Only gardening might be more popular, but the activities go hand in hand. No matter one’s physical condition or economic status, bird watching is easy and almost everyone has access to a yard with birds. You can encourage birds to visit and even nest by providing food and/or shelter and then watch them from the comfort of your window or front door. Nearly two billion dollars a year are spent on birdhouses, birdfeeders, wild bird food, and related items. Feeding birds is both good for the birds and the soul, so get out of your computer chair, get out from behind your desk, go beyond the office door, and get involved! See National Bird Feeding Society, Birds in Backyards, Backyard Birds, Backyard Birding, and Birds in Your Backyard for more information.

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Enhancing Bird Habitats

Backyard Planting for Wildlife Habitat
Backyard Wildlife Habitat
Garden for Wildlife
Great Backyard Bird Count
Nat’l Wildlife Federation Backyard Habitat Program
Planning a Backyard Wildlife Habitat
Planning for Birds


Bird Problems and Problem Birds

Backyard Bird Problems
Bird Problems?
Birds and Window Collisions
Problem Birds Around Homes and Farms


Bobby’s Bird Feeder

Family-owned and operated in Atlanta, Georgia. His custom designs feature bird feeders that have a color/team theme that sports fans can relate to such as their college colors, their favorite
Major League baseball team, or their favorite NFL team. It creates a great conversation piece when you are sitting out back and enjoying a morning cup of coffee or a cocktail on the deck. Visit now.


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