Reading, Writing, Arithmetic and Birds

St. Jerome writing by Caravaggio

As a retired professor, an educated person I humbly profess, I have always thought that the two most important skills in life, no matter what your profession but especially those in technical, supervision, and administrative areas, are mathematics and English, that is to say, writing. An engineer, although skilled in designing bridges, electric circuits, or automobile engines, spends eighty percent of his or her time writing. That has been true for me as an ornithologist as well. Whether I am creating lesson plans for lab, lecture, or field trips, or doing research, writing is the sine qua non (essential ingredient.) Research is about collecting data of course, but before the field work it is research by reading other’s research that is essential; then the data are compiled, analyzed (math, here) and finally written up for others to read and evaluate.

For some people, writing comes easy. It does for me, generally, but when I write something, like one of these blogs, I will go back to it a dozen or more times to reread it all and rewrite parts of it. Never, ever publish a first draft. And I have my own style. Sometimes I will copy a chunk of someone else’s writing – a sentence, paragraph, or page because it says basically what I want to say and gives me some ideas, and then totally rewrite it in my own words and organization. Is it plagiarism? No, because I’m not taking their words verbatim and if I do I put them in quotes and acknowledge the writer. Often it comes out distinctly different.

That said, some people might wish to use a custom writing service to help create a paper for their research or professional life. Experts online will craft a well-written paper for you to use. You may, like I do, put it in your own words to truly make it your own but the professional help you get in researching the subject will save considerable time. But be sure to double check for factual accuracy.

But to be fully informed, you have to read. Read all the pertinent information on the subject and you’ll be better able to judge what you want written and be able to explain it if need be. A good reader makes a good writer.