Majors Guide for Aspiring Bird Watchers

Bird watching, or birding, is more than a casual hobby for many people. It is a passionate endeavor that requires considerable knowledge and patience. For students interested in transforming their interest in birds into a lifelong career or serious academic pursuit, selecting the appropriate major in college is crucial. Several majors can provide the necessary background and foundation to enter this field. This article will delve into some of the most popular and suitable majors for students interested in bird watching.

Wildlife Biology

Wildlife Biology is an ideal major for those passionate about bird watching. This course provides comprehensive knowledge about various wildlife species, including birds. Here, students study different species’ biology, behavior, ecology, and conservation, offering a well-rounded understanding of birds and their habitats. 

As a Wildlife Biology student, expect numerous research papers and reports that will challenge your understanding and interpretation of wildlife ecology and biology. If you’re anxious about writing, consider using a paper writing service with expert writers who can help guide you and improve your academic writing skills.

Environmental Science

Environmental Science is another important major for students interested in bird watching. This course covers a wide range of topics, such as ecology, biodiversity, conservation, and climate change. It explores how these factors influence the distribution, behavior, and survival of bird species.

Choosing this major will allow you to understand the broader environmental context in which birds live. You’ll learn about how changes in environmental conditions can impact bird populations, which is essential knowledge for a bird watcher.


Ornithology is the study of birds, making it an obvious choice for bird enthusiasts. This specialized field focuses on avian biology, behavior, conservation, and ecology. As a student in Ornithology, you’ll study the various species of birds, their life cycles, habits, and roles in the ecosystem.

Since Ornithology is a niche field, opportunities to study this subject as an undergraduate major may be limited. Still, it can be pursued at the postgraduate level or as a concentration within a broader major like Biology or Wildlife Science.


Zoology is another science-based major that students interested in bird watching may want to consider. This field studies animals and their interactions with ecosystems, providing a broad knowledge base that can be applied to understanding birds.

A degree in Zoology will equip you with a deep understanding of animal anatomy, behavior, and ecology, all of which can enrich your bird-watching experiences and potentially guide you toward a career in avian research or conservation.


Choosing the right major can greatly enhance your knowledge and understanding of birds, making bird-watching more rewarding and potentially paving the way for a career in this field. Remember, no matter which major you choose, honing your academic writing skills will be essential. You’ll be expected to produce many essays, reports, and research papers. 

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