BirdWeather PUC

Hear what you’ve been missing with BirdWeather PUC

BirdWeather started out as a backyard pandemic project, learning more about the birds in our own backyard, by the sound of their vocalizations. We built a prototype that was able to listen 24×7 to our backyard soundscape, running them through the BirdNET neural net for identification, then sharing them to our BirdWeather library where everyone could see and listen. We now have over 500 active stations around the globe, continuously listening in backyards, nature preserves, and remote installations. With the BirdWeather PUC, we’ve removed the complexity and created a simple, easy-to-use (one-button) portable device that is equally at home in your backyard, out in the field, or tagging along on a hike, continuously listening and identifying over 6000 global species.

Our project is now live on Kickstarter –

A testimonial from one of our BirdWeather PUC early adopters (Wayne A.)

“I have always wondered what birds are visiting my backyard and the local area. With the PUC I can leave it in the forest behind my house, return the next day and through BirdWeather be amazed at the visitors I never knew were here. I can’t wait to use it during the next migration. The PUC is now my constant companion during my hikes and when I am home i can leave it running in live mode and view all the discoveries on BirdWeather. So much fun!”

We’re a super small team, building something we’re very passionate about, that we hope can make a difference not only in getting more people excited about birds, but also providing invaluable data for researchers.

-Tim Clark, Founder – BirdWeather