Captivating Habitats for Your Owls

Imagine for a moment, you are relaxing in your backyard, and in one of the trees, there is an owl nesting box comprising of a small owl family! It felt out of this world, right? What if I say that you can live this moment and enjoy the company of owls in your property? For this purpose, my friend all you need to know is, how to attract owls in your backyard, and to do so you need one thing only, the best owl nesting box, that’s it.

Therefore, to help you quench your thirst for owl company and providing a safe habitat for these birds I’m here with the guide to best owl nesting boxes. Thus, you need not worry at all, in case you know little about owl nesting, because in this guide ill mention the top seven owl nesting boxes that would attract owls into your backyard like bees are attracted to honey.

Let’s explore what we have:

JCs Wildlife Screech Owl Box:

This handmade owl box is made in Indiana in The United States of America. I guarantee you can never go wrong with this one because it comprises top-notch features. It manages the rodent population besides this it gives pleasant vibes to the ambiance. Furthermore, it is extremely easy to clean this habitat and the drainage hole is a plus.

KingWood Owl Box:

This cedar owl box is all praises from the clients who used it. Trust me, if you know the life history of owls then you will choose this box over others. This box is easy to assemble and has the resistance to rot as well. Besides this, a very acknowledgeable point is that it can entertain grown-up owls as well.

Uncle Dunkel’s Screech Owl Nesting Box:

This beautiful and attractive handmade owl nesting box is manufactured in Kentucky. The finishing of this box is unmatchable, you need not struggle much while assembling it. Plus, it has features which deserve to be adored not only by you, but your owls would also be loving it.

WoodLink Screech Owl House:

Are you looking for a house that could serve owls and kestrels as well? Then this box is made to fulfill your wish and you can opt for it for both the birds. This attractive box is made with perfection and your owls would be in love with this one, additionally, it comes at a very reasonable price range.

MHB’S No Frills Nesting Box:

This box will not only enchant the owls, but it would also kill rodent populations and rats. The clients of this product mentioned that this box requires assembling however, it is nothing difficult and easily handled.

Coveside’s Saw-Whet Owl House:

Like other owl boxes, this box attracts screech owls and saw-whet to it. It is made in America and is perfect for small or younger owls to own a safe and secure habitat.

JCs X Large Owl Nesting Box:

This owl box is gigantic that can comprise old barn owls along with great horned owls. It is one of the most suitable boxes for owl nesting as it is easy to clean, moreover, it offers features that guarantee the safety of owls.

You are just a step away from accomplishing your dream, my friend. Choose any among these boxes and get ready to welcome the family of owls and enjoy their company.

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