Birds and Guinea Pigs

Is It Safe For Birds And Guinea Pigs To Live Together?

As any pet owner knows, finding the perfect pet match can be challenging. You want a pet that will be compatible with your lifestyle, personality, and other pets. If you’re considering adding a bird and a guinea pig to your home, you may wonder if these two animals can live together safely.

This is a question that many pet owners ask, as they are concerned about the safety of their beloved animals. The truth is that birds and guinea pigs are ideal companions for one another. After all, they are both small, relatively easy to care for, and make great pets.

Before putting them together, there are some things to consider, such as whether they have the same housing and food needs and whether they’ll get along. This article will explore whether it’s safe for birds and guinea pigs to live together by looking at the pros and cons of keeping these two animals together. It’ll also offer some tips on creating a harmonious household if you decide to keep them both.

Pros Of Birds And Guinea Pigs Living Together

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For instance, small pets get lonely sometimes. As such, they benefit from having a companion. Birds and guinea pigs can both benefit from having a companion. Having a friend to cuddle up with can make a big difference in their quality of life. 

Here are some reasons why it’s okay for these two animals to live together:

  • They Keep Each Other Company

One of the main benefits of keeping birds and guinea pigs together is that they can provide each other with the companionship they need. Both animals are social creatures that enjoy the company of others, and they can form strong bonds with each other. This companionship can be particularly beneficial for older animals or those that live alone.

  • They Help Reduce Stress

Having a pet can help reduce stress levels. And what’s more stress-reducing than having two pets? Guinea pigs can also help reduce a bird’s stress levels and vice versa. For instance, birds are often very high-strung animals, and they can benefit from the calming presence of a guinea pig. This can be particularly helpful if a bird is new to a home or experiencing many environmental changes.

  • They Can Provide Entertainment

Another benefit of keeping these two animals together is that they can help keep each other entertained. Birds and guinea pigs can provide each other with endless entertainment. For example, birds are very active creatures and can help keep a guinea pig active and engaged. Watching them play and interact can also be very enjoyable.

  • They Can Help Each Other Stay Healthy

Living with a companion can help both birds and guinea pigs stay healthy. They can help each other exercise and stay active as they play around together.

Cons Of Birds And Guinea Pigs Living Together

Even though birds and guinea pigs can make great companions for each other, there are some potential downsides to keeping them together. This includes:

  • They Can Harm Each Other

One of the biggest potential problems with keeping birds and guinea pigs together is that they can harm each other. Birds have beaks that they use for eating and preening, which can easily injure a guinea pig. Some birds, such as parrots, can be quite large and may accidentally hurt a small guinea pig if they’re not careful. On the other hand, Guinea pigs have sharp teeth that they use for chewing. While they’re not typically aggressive animals, they could bite a bird if they feel threatened.

  • They Can Transmit Diseases

Another big concern when keeping birds and guinea pigs together is the risk of disease transmission. Birds can carry diseases that harm guinea pigs, including psittacosis and salmonella. To help prevent the spread of disease, it’s essential to closely monitor any interactions between birds and guinea pigs and ensure that the guinea pig has a safe place to hide if necessary.

  • They Have Different Exercise Needs

Birds and guinea pigs have different exercise needs. Birds need to be able to fly and stretch their wings, while guinea pigs need to run and play. This means you would need to provide two separate areas for the animals to exercise.

Tips And Advice For Petting Birds And Guinea Pigs Together

Birds and guinea pigs can live together safely with no issues whatsoever. Here are a few tips you need to make it happen:

  • Choose Compatible Species

First, choosing the right bird and guinea pig species is essential. Some birds, like parrots, are known for being nippy and aggressive, while others, like canaries, are gentler. Similarly, some guinea pig breeds, like the Abyssinian, are high energy and active, while others, like the Teddy, are more laid back. 

  • Choose Compatible Personalities

You’ll also need to consider the personality of the two animals. Birds are very active and loud, while guinea pigs are relatively calm and quiet. If you have a very active bird, it may not be a good idea to house it with a guinea pig. If you have a very calm guinea pig, it may not be a good idea to house it with a bird.

  • Provide Enough Personal Space

To keep your pets happy and healthy, you need to provide them with a separate living space. Birds need a lot of space to fly and exercise, so a small cage won’t be suitable. On the other hand, Guinea pigs don’t need much space and can be happy in a smaller cage. Both animals also need toys, perches, and hiding places to keep them entertained and stressed.

  • Consider The Dietary Needs

Another thing to consider is the diet of your bird and guinea pig. Birds and guinea pigs have different nutritional needs, so it’s crucial to ensure they both get the food they need. Birds need a diet high in protein, while guinea pigs need a diet high in fiber. You may need to provide your guinea pig with a separate food dish or hay rack to ensure they get enough to eat.

  •  Consider The Combined Costs

It’s also necessary for you to take into account the expense of maintaining both the bird and the guinea pig. These pets need a cage, food, water, and toys. The cost of these items can add up quickly. It’s also important to ensure that you can afford to keep the bird and the guinea pig before you decide to house them together.

  • Pay Close Attention To Hygiene

It’s imperative that you observe strict hygiene standards. Birds and guinea pigs are susceptible to respiratory infections, so keeping their living spaces clean and dust-free is essential. It’d be best if you also washed your hands after handling each pet to prevent the spread of disease. 


With proper planning and preparation, birds and guinea pigs can safely live together. These two animals make great companions for each other, and their different personalities can add some fun and excitement to the household. While there are some risks associated with keeping these two animals together, there’s no reason why birds and guinea pigs can’t safely share a home as long as you’re aware of these risks and are willing to take precautions. If you’re considering getting a bird or a guinea pig, or both, keep the tips in this article in mind as you give it some thought. It might just be the perfect match for you.