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Ornithological Quiz – what do you know about birds?

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Rainbow lorikeet

OK, you have read all my blogs for a year, right? So how much do you know about birds? Try this quiz. Don�t Google the answers � try to do it off the top of your head first.

  1. How many avian species are there in the world?
  2. How many species are flightless?
  3. What�s your state bird? What is your national bird?
  4. Which are able to fly backwards?
  5. What bird doesn�t incubate its own eggs and is not a nest parasite?
  6. Name one species of bird with reverse sexual dimorphism.
  7. Name one polygamous bird species.
  8. What is the name of the three kinds of wing flight feathers?
  9. What bird lays the biggest egg? The smallest egg?
  10. What bird lays the biggest eggs relative to its body size?
  11. Why do some birds have heavily pigmented feathers in their tails and wings?
  12. What is the only group of birds that drinks water like people do?
  13. What is �mobbing� and why do birds do it?
  14. What is the heaviest flying bird?
  15. Why don�t songbirds fall out of trees when they are sleeping while perched?
  16. What birds, now extinct, had no wings at all?
  17. What is the nutritional difference between brown and white chicken eggs?
  18. What is the name for a group of European Starlings?
  19. What is the name for a group of owls?
  20. What is the name for a group of crows?
  21. What bird has the longest wingspan?
  22. What is the most abundant bird in the world?
  23. Why are hummingbird feeders red?
  24. What bird migrates the longest distance?
  25. Name one polyandrous bird species.
  26. Why don’t birds get shocked when they sit on high power lines?
  27. Why do birds fly?
  28. Why did feathers evolve?
  29. Name a promiscuous species.
  30. What’s the latest explanation as to why feathers evolved?

How are those for brain-teasers? You can get the answers from my past blogs or Google them if you get stuck. More questions for bird-brains later.

Dr. Roger Lederer
Dr. Roger Lederer
Ornithologist and emeritus Professor of Biological Sciences at California State University, Chico, whose academic and research interests are ecology, environmental science, science education and ornithology. Published over thirty scientific research papers, a textbook entitled Ecology and Field Biology, books entitled Amazing Birds, Birds of New England, Pacific Coast Bird Finder, Bird Finder, Birds of Bidwell Park, and Latin for Birdwatchers . Dr. Lederer has taught ornithology and ecology, worked with environmental organizations and schools on research and education projects, has traveled to over 100 countries, given many public presentations, and knows exactly what birds you will find anywhere in the world.
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  • Carole Busby

    Please tell me the answer to no. 5 ” What bird doesn’t incubate its own eggs and is not a nest parasite? “. Google will only give me the brown-headed cowbird and cuckoo and of course that is not answering the question as these two ARE parasites. I adore birds and while I do know a great deal about them I am not a specialist and love to learn new things. Thank you so much. Carole Busby

    • Dr. Roger Lederer

      The Australian Brush Turkey or Megapode. It incubates its eggs in a compost pile.

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