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For thousands of years we had no idea where birds went, how they got where they were going, why different species preferred different geographical locations, and how or why their populations fluctuated. Todayテつthe data we have on bird populations are excellent due to new techniques and scientific equipment. Since birds are relatively easy to find, capture, band, mark, and track, they are ideal to study. You can read more about avian migration , biogeography,avian ecology, and communities in’s lectures.

See CHECKLISTS of Birds of the World /テつBird Biogeographyテつ

テつPartners in Flight Species Assessment Database


Keeping tabs on the numbers of birds has many purposes. If there are significant changes to any bird populations, it may signal other changes in the habitat(s) or changes in other organisms’ populations.Birds are excellent early warning systems and we need take heed! Through such projects as the North American Breeding Bird Survey, Feeder Watch and the Audubon Christmas Counts, the general public has the opportunity to provide data to scientists- this is one of the few areas of science where amateurs and professionals can work together toward a common goal.Sort_sol_pdfnet

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