Birding Gear

Besides binoculars and field guides, there are a number of items that will make birdwatching easier, more comfortable, and more enjoyable. You can get straps and supports for your binoculars, holders for your bird books, waterproof notebooks, birding apps for your phone or computer, photography gear, a blind/hide, camping gear, bags, shoes, and a variety of clothing.


Wunderbird clothing

Wunderbird is the first brand to introduce an apparel collection that is totally dedicated to the birding community and which features a revolution in tech-wear, integrating the first ever wearable features that enable birders to fly further for longer, by smartly distributing and alleviating the weight of the gear carried around the neck and over the shoulder, by dynamically stabilizing binoculars without compromising rapid access on-the-go, by utilizing smart fabrics that offer ventilation, quick dry and UV protection to better adapt to changing environments, and much more…

From the ornithologist – I have tried on the t-shirt and the hoodie. They both have horizontal pockets across the front will hold and protect binoculars (and keep them from swinging) and are also handy for pencils, notebooks, or other items to keep you hands free. The hoodie is especially snug and warm yet you hardly feel it is there. The horizontal pocket is not only good for holding items, it can also keep you hands warm. And the padded shoulders are a real advantage. Give Wunderbird a try